Step 1:

Click on the Artist Sign Up link

Step 2:

Create a Profile page by completing theĀ form

Step 3:

In the form, be sure to create a desired permalink (”your band name here”)

Step 4:

Determine your goals. With Busker you are not required to be funding a specific project, but we do ask that you list a couple of goals you are trying to reach with the money you earn on through the platform.

Step 5:

Make sure the embed codes are correct for your audio and video content.

Step 6:

If you would like to offer digital downloads in exchange for tips, upload your content to our servers and we will distribute the downloads to your tippers.

Step 7:

Check your email to activate your profile.

Step 8:

Share your Busker Profile with your fans, friends and family via Social Media and Email, or however you see fit

Step 9:

At the end of each month Busker will disburse any money earned minus *Busker and *Stripe Processing Fees (*see FAQ for fees).