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Nope, you can use Busker however you see fit. While you are certainly able to use it as a tool to fund your album, Busker can be used to simply cover basic operating expenses like gear, promotional materials, etc…

Not necessarily, at Busker we believe that music fans may simply want to show you appreciation because they like your band and have likely found your music for free online already.

At the end of the month Busker will send you a check for the amount that your band earned minus Busker fees and processing fees.

Busker takes 5% of every dollar give to a band and Stripe, our payment processor, takes 2.9% of every dollar plus 30 cents off the first dollar.

The minimum amount is $1, there is no maximum, although you can feel free to test that assertion.

We can handle content from most sites out there including soundcloud, spotify, reverbnation, vimeo, youtube. If you are having any issues uploading content please contact us and we’ll figure it out for you.

Artists can offer whatever digital media they would like on their Busker profile that is under 10 mbs.

If you want to offer an MP3 or other digital media, Busker will allow you to upload it to the site. Thus once a fan makes a tip, they will receive an email with the digital download within a day.

Since there is no requirement for fulfilling a project goal, Artists can maintain a Busker site as long as they want.

Sure! With the rise of streaming sites, tons of bands that no longer play together are being found by new listeners every day, but with the royalty system the way it is giving little to no payouts to artists, Busker allows you to directly show appreciation to inactive bands with active Busker accounts.